Inauguration speech by Michael Markus Kutte Adamawa state University SUG President


The Acting Vice Chancellor, Registrar, Dean of Students’ Affair, Various Deans of Faculties, HODs, ASUU representative, Nasu Representative, SSANU representative, my fellow Comrades in the struggle and ADSUsites.

We observe today not for my victory but a celebration of ADSUsites desire for a positive change-symbolizing an end as well as a beginning-signifying renewal as well as positive impact. It trills me with great sense of enthusiasm and penchant humility to stand here today by the task before us, grateful for the trust you have bestowed, mindful of the sacrifices borne by our comrades; for I have sworn before you and Almighty God the same solemn oath our forebears prescribed more than a decades of our Student’s Union ago.

The Ag. Vice Chancellor, my fellow students, permit me to start by expressing my innate and profound gratitude and appreciation to God Almighty for His Grace, favour and Mercy to which we are able to record this success   May I use this medium this medium to commend my rugged and indefatigable co-contestants, co-runners, my political ally: Comr. Matthias M. Karma (Fada), Comr. Yusuf Abba Gulak (Repo) and Sen. Amos Adega for their immense contribution during the struggle to ensure that our union is brought back as a true representation of students despite our differences. I must applaud and confess that am challenged by my three opponents who contested the presidency of the Student Union with me. It was indeed a notable fight. I so much respect and admire their strength and courage. I wish to say that we have all come out victorious as our democratic battle has redefined the union in a greater way.

I will be unfair not to appreciate the great Nigerian Students on our campus for their patience and endurance during the electoral process; you are our motivation and the backbone of the Students Union Government. I also express my sincere appreciation to everyone who has contributed to the success of my campaign [TEAM MKAY], though too numerous to mention. I will remain ungrateful if I don't commend Comr. Joshua Peter (Traveller), I sincerely appreciate your sacrifice, assistance, structure and co-operation which aided my emergence, history will not forget you as a hero of our time.

Essentially, the same revolutionary belief and challenges for which our forebears fought with and against are still issues around us today-the belief that without Students, no lecturers and definitely no School Management, that Students must be treated right and their perspectives must be adequately listen to by management in formulation and implementation of any policy since they are at the receiving ends of any policies made. However, doing this shouldn't be perceive as a matter of generosity of the School Authority but an absolute necessity for the attainment of tranquility and in achieving the vision and mission of the founding fathers of this institutions which we still hold as sacred till today.

We are conversant with the myriads of issues, conditions and ample challenges confronting ADSUsites like the issue of mass failure, accommodation quagmire, unstandardized medical clinic, lacuna in communication, unhealthy environment, weak security-students relationship, high price of goods and services within the campus, lack of Union’s mobility and permanent secretariat just to mention but a few. The trumpet of these challenges summons us again to bear the burden of a long twilight struggle, rejoicing in hope, patient in tribulation as we utilize all the 2Cs of struggle; consultation, and consolidation to the fullest and if needs be, to utilize the last C- confrontation. We will never, never and never negotiate or dialogue out of fear and intimidation and when we negotiate or dialogue, we hope all parties will respect the rules of dialogue/negotiation.

As many of us are aware, the Student Union Government (SUG), Adamawa State University, Mubi is not new to having its leaders come up with a number of visions and policies year after year. The Student Union Government (SUG) administrative structure is not in good shape and has been weak and inoperative and needs reconsideration by successive administrations long before now.

I come to you this day, with a proclaim message of hope, a clear agenda of prosperity and vision in student Unionism. I vehemently believe the greatest expression of faith is in our ability to be strong enough to look upon our imperfections and decide that, it is in our power to remake our Union to align with the highest ideals.  There is need to introduce workable administrative structure capable of yielding tangible results and speed in delivering answers to the quest of electorates.  Fellow ADSUsites, in your hands, more than mine, will rest the final success or failure of our course. I as an individual have decided before now to that ensure your betterment as your president, safeguard the Union’s constitution and keep to my presidential Oath.
Do not forget that the success of the MKAY-led administration is your success and for that matter, the success of ADSU MUBI. Yes greatness is coming so let’s all embrace it wholeheartedly for love of God and our country. This administration holds aloft the transformational pledge of promising less but delivering more.

My fellow ADSUsites, let us endeavor to comply with the School Regulations and behave ourselves since we are intellectuals, to avoid giving ourselves out cheaply while we lose focus in achieving our aims and objectives as Students Union. Shun Cultism, shun examination malpractices, shun sexual harassment and indecent dressing, shun threatening of lecturers, securities and bully of fellow students

More essentially, I solicit for the full support of the School Authority starting from the office of Dean of Students Affair to the Vice Chancellor, the School Senate and Governing Council, my fellow union in the struggle (ASUU, NASU, SSANU) and also full corporation of my fellow ADSUsites in ensuring that this administration indeed lay the foundation for a responsible, responsive and intellectually-oriented students' union that won't be a bane of development rather a partner for socio-economic, dynamic, academic and political development. This administration will be committed to the safety of lives and properties of our Students and Staffs in this community and will put to use all due process to achieving applaudable security situation in our university community.

Conclusively, let me loud and applaud the leadership style and achievement of my immediate predecessors under the leadership of Comr. Paul Adamu Soma for their selfless service thus far to unionism on this campus. As the saying goes, “uneasy lies the head that wears the crown” we promise to improve on all thier efforts and ensure the survival and betterment of the union in all ramifications.

It begins here, today and now.
Lets join hands and work as a team toward making SUG ADSU great again.
I believe in TEAM ... Together Everybody Achieves More.
Service is the key, Michael Markus Kutte (Mkay) is the Servant.

It's better with Mkay!

God in your hands, I commit my destiny!

Thank you.

Long live Students' Union Government!
Long live Adamawa State University, Mubi!
Long live Adamawa State!
Long live Federal Republic of Nigeria!

Aluta Continua! Victoria ascerta!
E soleto! E Africa!



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